Every Life is Precious

Every Life is Precious

Volume 1, Issue 24

Welcome to The Overdose Prevention Agency Corporation. Please follow through on all the links.

On May 2nd, TOPAC hosted the 2nd Annual Commemorative Celebration of the signing of the Overdose Prevention Act.

A new song that was written by a local singer/song writer, Jim Gaven, can be found on TOPAC's music page. Jim's mission is to make the world a better place through peace, hope and love. Armed with the goal of helping others, Jim Gaven's mission is to write songs that make you think of a good time in your life.

Under the Hope/Events page there will be separate menu items dedicated to information about various past events. The new menu item for the 2nd OPA Event includes a copy of the program, and a couple of photos. There will be many more photos to follow as well as other events will be listed.

The Recovery House at The College of New Jersey is a substance free living and learning community that brings a small group of students together in a College House close to campus. Residents will live with a graduate advisor who will provide resources and support.

Tom Kaiser, from Wisconsin urges awareness after losing daughter to heroin. See the Raw Interview video and news paper article on TOPAC's news page.

On May 2nd, the City of Gloucester held a forum regarding the opiate crisis, and on how Gloucester has many resources for help. One measure the police deparment is taking is "Any addict who walks into the police station with the remainder of their drug equipment (needles, etc) or drugs and asks for help will NOT be charged."

Thanks to Dr. Jay Tarnow, TOPAC Board Member, who forward this interesting article entitled 'Heroin Overdoses Climbed After Launch of Abuse-Deterrent Drug' that was published on the Psych Congress Network.

Morris County is now holding Family Naloxone Training in Parsippany, Morristown and Rockaway.

Although knowledge of the Overdose Prevention Act has increased it has become apparent that funding for naloxone is decreasing. As reported in our last newsletter the price of Naloxone kits is skyrocketing. As all aspects of society are being impacted by this epidemic, it is becoming clear that support must come from the private sector. Please help us by making a donation to TOPAC.

Any funds we receive will be used to educate the public with regard to the different aspects of the Overdose Prevention Act. This includes the explanation of the 911 portion of the Act and administration of naloxone. Please help us if you can. Click on the donate button below where you can give a gift and save a life.

We are a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit which means that all donations are fully tax deductible.

With Peace and Harmony,
Paul A. Ressler, President and CEO