"The media is full of stories about the current opioid crisis. But unlike many national crises, such as the Flint lead-contaminated water crisis, the focus is on solutions and not blame.... the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued guidelines for prescribing opioids in chronic pain, Congress approved funding for prevention and treatment, and the US HHS released a “National Pain Strategy.”...

In the first Season of HBO's "The Wire," the fictitious but alarmingly real Baltimore deputy police commissioner remarks, "Buy-bust ... that's what we do." He was talking about undercover police practices where officers buy drugs from dealers and then bust them. Photo-ops often ensue, with a folding table covered with packages of drugs and usually an assortment of weapons as well.....click on button to read more.


"The dentist and the ex-cop first met about five years ago at a pain management seminar at Tufts University...He said he wanted me to scare the hell out of them," said Aquino, who also worked for the Drug Enforcement Administration and now advises pharmacies on DEA compliance issues."

In a way, 28-year-old Jaclyn Senor was fortunate her drug-fueled suicidal drive happened in Florida and not New Jersey.

Florida's law allowed her mother to have Senor involuntarily committed for drug treatment... Read more to learn about NJ's law.

Nearly one in three parents of New Jersey middle school students do not believe there is a link between painkillers and the rising rates of heroin use in the state....

The Lt. Governor and her team are presenting at our upcoming Recovery Advocacy Summit. They will be talking about the state wide funding initiatives, the NJ Addiction Hot Line (IME) and the roles that Recovery Coaches will have within state. We are honored to have her participate in such an important event and will bring a wealth of information.