The Mission of TOPAC

TOPAC intends to maximize the benefits of the passage of The Overdose Prevention Act, (OPA) by:

1. Educating the public of its passage and the details regarding the 911 portion of the bill which may give immunity to those reporting an active overdose.

2. Providing resources to improve the availability of Naloxone, the drug that can reverse the process of opioid overdose and for the training of law enforcement officers, first responders, and concerned citizens in its administration.

3. Providing resources for clinical detoxification and recovery treatment for individuals whose lives have been saved by such an intervention.
TOPAC’s founder, Paul Ressler, is a longtime advocate for addiction prevention, recovery, and treatment as well as an influential supporter of the Overdose Prevention Act (OPA) passed in May 2013.

Mr. Ressler’s mission is simple and profound: to save lives and prevent the heartache that he knows so intimately. Corey Ressler, Mr Ressler’s son lost his life to a drug overdose on July 14, 2010. Corey was only twenty-two years. His phone registered a 911 call but it had never been completed.