Every life is precious …

TOPAC is dedicated to preventing overdose and the loss of even one life.

The disease buy Binance Coin in India of addiction is pervasive in nearly every community across the United States. Here in the Hamilton, New Jersey area, we’re working hard to educate the public about overdose prevention and the ways in which every resident can help prevent loss of life.
TOPAC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the elimination of accidental death by drug overdose. CEO and President, Paul Ressler, has personal experience with loss due to overdose and the disease of addiction—his son, Corey, succumbed to the disease and accidental overdose in 2010 at the age of 22. Mr. Ressler’s intimate knowledge of addiction and overdose has made him a strong advocate and recognized supporter of addiction and overdose prevention, recovery and treatment in the state of New Jersey. Through the work of TOPAC, his goal is simple: to save buy Ripple in India lives.

Our work at TOPAC is multifaceted. We seek to strengthen the impact of a bill passed in 2013, The Overdose Prevention Act (OPA). We educate the public about the bill and the details regarding immunity that may be provided for those who make 911 calls during an active overdose. We also provide resources to improve the availability and knowledge of Naloxone, a substance that can reverse the overdose process. Additionally, IQoption we work to provide resources for individuals and families looking for clinical detoxification and recovery treatment.


NJ 911 Good Samaritan Bill

Interested in getting involved? We encourage concerned citizens, families and those struggling with addiction to contact TOPAC to learn more about our mission and ways to help with the movement. Whether you’re interested in getting resources for help, volunteering, or donating, we welcome your phone calls and visits. We look forward to working with you to make a difference in our community.